Level 3 – Mental Health!

Just came back from my evening shift at my mental health rotation!
Level 3 has started. I don’t want to jinx it, but so far, it seems to be slightly less stressful than level 2. Well, it’s still stressful, but it’s a different kind of stress. I’d say a lot of it could be attributed to the instructor. As I’ve had a really bad one last semester…
We also have less courses this level, so that will certainly help I hope.

The first two weeks of the semester has just flown by.
I’d like to say that I’ve been good with front loading and time management… But I have not. I should be working on that.
We’ve got 8 weeks of mental health, and then 4 weeks of OB + 4 weeks of Peds. Feels like it’ll be summer before I know it.

Last level was… Really. Tough.
Extremely so. So tough that I had seriously contemplated quitting the program. :/
And it kind of helps to know that everyone from my cohort whom I’ve talked to felt the same.

Only two weeks in so I still haven’t eased back into the rhythm of things yet. Have to get back on track ASAP otherwise everything will start to fall apart before I know it.
Write those to-do lists down, stop procrastinating and be productive.

New Years Resolutions!
1. Get better grades <- part of my resolutions every year
2. Better time management/organization (r/t #1)
3. Lose weight & get healthy <- ALSO part of my resolutions every year… lol
3.1 Go to the gym >2-3 times a week

Plan of action?
First, I really need to get organized and stop being so lazy and easily distracted! Just by getting my shit together, that’s going to help me achieve my #1 and #3.
I signed up for a gym membership back in October. So part of my plan of action/resolution to fulfill #3 is to make it to the gym regularly. So far… I’ve been going, but I could be doing better. I signed up with my friend for small group personal training sessions last week. Training sessions will be every Saturday, so that guarantees I’ll be going AT LEAST once a week. So I should really make sure I can get myself there at least 1 or 2 more times. Having a personal trainer is great as it’ll make me feel accountable for my exercise plan by motivating me and the fact that I’ve made an appointment will make sure I won’t be lazy and skip the gym.

We are two weeks into the new year… At least I’ve tried starting to make progress to one of my 3 resolutions… I really need to stay on top of all my readings. Think I’ll try hunkering down in one of my favorite coffee shops this Sunday to get some serious shit done. XD
Well, I have about an hour before I need to hit the sack, let’s see what I can cross of my list~