Another new hobby?

So I acquire interests/hobbies like crazy.

I placed an order online yesterday for a Hobonichi techo as I wanted to have something to help me keep track of all my due dates and stuff. I have everything on my phone calendar all set up, but I want something where I can see everything at a glance? I have a little notebook that I  use mainly for clinical but I take everywhere with me to jot things down in on the go so I don’t forget.

Creative people are doing all sorts of cool things with these agendas! So it’s no longer used just as a planner, but like a scrapbooking diary of sorts. It looks so cool!
I’m not very creative or artsy, but I’d like to try.

Did I mention that I tend to get into hobbies quickly but also lose steam almost just as quickly? ^^;
I hope this will last because these agendas together with their covers (OF COURSE I had to get a cover) aren’t cheap!
That added to the fact that I went to Daiso today and picked up a few rolls of tape and a sheet of stickers to decorate with when my techo arrives.

I’d like to try using the techo to practice my Japanese writing skills. My writing is the weakest. While I can listen and read fairly well, I cannot write. Especially kanji. Too reliant on typing I guess? When I try to physically write something (pen and paper), I keep having to use my phone to check how to write it. D:
If I try to write at least one thing in Japanese everyday, hopefully it will help?