Feels like summer’s just starting but it’ll be over for me in a flash

School’s been out since May and I’ve just been working, going to the gym (started kickboxing too) and chilling.
In the blink of an eye, my summer vacation is already more than halfway over D:

I’m flying out on Sunday and when I come back from my trip, I’ll have one week to prepare my heart to go start nursing again…
It’s going to be so tough as I’ll be in HK and Japan for just under a month in total. That combined with the Kisumai concerts. I’m going to die

img_1297img_1295Had a nice Kisumai dream the other day and a trip-related panick-y one?
In my dream, I didn’t have time to pack my luggage and my mom took it up on herself. I didn’t realize till I got to Japan that she had packed all the wrong toiletries and one of the dresses that I had been planning on bringing to my trip got left behind. But my dream self got over it pretty quick and was like, “Meh, guess I’ll have to buy new toiletries and make-up in Japan and end up using some of the money I had set aside for fandom stuff. Can’t be helped.”. Probably pretty close to how the me in real life would react I suppose. XD

Working on finishing the last side of my con uchiwa. Quite pleased with how most of the sides have turned out ^^
I’m just so super stoked for the concert!!!

I think I’ve gotten all my pre-trip shopping done (I hope? Did the last of it yesterday). Tomorrow is my day off from work so I’ll be getting a haircut and my nails done (which reminds me, I still haven’t decided on how I want to do my nails…). All that’s left is to exchange the last of my yens, and I’m good! Eyeing the market and it seems to be getting better, hopefully if I wait it out till the weekend, I’ll get a slightly better rate…?

Oh and packing. I mustn’t leave it till 12 hours before my plane takes off to pack like I did last time… lol