Back to reality

I’m back from Japan and I wish it weren’t so.

I should’ve written this entry sooner so that the feelings would still be fresh, but then I’d probably start missing everyone and everything¬†and start tearing up again.

I’ve told numerous people this, but my trip to Japan this time was both the worst and the best.
I wasn’t expecting to make friends. I wasn’t expecting to get attached. I wasn’t prepared for all the feels. But I wouldn’t change it for anything.IMG_2015

As usual, I didn’t take very many photos on this trip either. I think I’ve kind of developed this mentality where I’m all, “Oh, I know I’ll be back again so I don’t need to take photos”. And of course, almost all the places I visited this time I’ve been to numerous times already so I’ve taken photos of the same scenery before.

One of my longer trips in Japan this time. I spent a 6 nights in Osaka and then 10 nights in Tokyo.
Highlights of my trip would be Yamapi’s concert, USJ, Kisumai concerts, and Disney Sea.
A trip that was originally not very fandom-filled apart from attending concerts took a turn to ending up doing tons of fandom stuff… I felt quite guilty and apologetic to the friend who joined me in Tokyo who wasn’t a big Kisumai fan. m(_)m

Immediately went back to work on Friday after I arrived Thursday morning. That was tough.

Working hard towards hopefully being able to make it to Japan again in a year to see everyone is what’s keeping me going right now. Let’s just take one day at a time. Waiting for the day when things start going back to normal again. It’s going to take a while…

School starts again on Monday and I am terrified. orz

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