Back in August, I had the chance to pay a visit to HATTI, the restaurant that Kitayama filmed his interview(?) in after coming back from his J’s Journey to India, thanks to some fandom friends. Our dinner ended up turning into one of those, “remember when we…” moments.

I happened to still be in Japan on the day of Kisumai’s debut anniversary so I got to join in on a dinner and drinks celebration with newly made fandom friends.

HATTI is located in Shinjuku about a 10minute walk from the JR station. Rushed there with my two friends to meet up with everyone after we finished some last minute errands as it was nearing the end of our trip. Honestly got a little lost as the restaurant is located in a small alley, a little away from the main street/area. Not sure if I could even remember exactly how to get there now still. ^^; (is bad with directions)

Outside looks like this hole in the wall place. I would have totally missed it if I hadn’t known to look. The decor inside was made to look like the bustling streets of Delhi.

HATTI has a special lunch set that you can pre-order in advance called the “Kitayama-kun Set”
– Special Lunch Plate –

  • Butter chicken
  • Today’s special curry
  • Cheese kulcha
  • Plain naan (AYCE)
  • Samosa (1pc)
  • Tandoori chicken (1pc)
  • Salad bar
  • 1 drink

Thanks to talisa_ahn for contacting them and got them to agree to offer the Kitayama Set for dinner for us~!

I don’t remember what the price was per person for the dinner set but it was A LOT of food and really delicious. So delicious that we had some uninvited guests (aka cockroach) appear… It didn’t get into any of the food and was shooed away but it happened twice throughout our dinner. Surprisingly, after each time, we all just sat down and settled back to finishing our dinner… If it weren’t related to Mitsu in some way, this would not have flown well and we would all have just up and left. LOL

Some food pics…

talisa_ahn had bought cake in advance and the restaurant was nice enough to let us have our cake there. All decorated and stuff. XD

Would I go back there again despite of the uninvited guests?
… Probably LOL

The food was really quite good. And… Kitayama….. XD