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Summer is here and I’m starting to get stressed

I’m leaving for Japan in 26 days and nothing’s done.
All my courses this semester is online but I’ve pretty much picked the worst 2 and a half weeks to leave the country. Setting aside the online post and paper deadlines that I will (hopefully) hand in in advance, the night before I leave Japan, I have an online final (2AM JST mind you because of time zones). And then the morning after I’m back, I have my last final online.

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Why the outdoors and I don’t mix

“Let’s go on a hike!” they said.

“It’ll be fun!” they said.

“I’m down to go. If it’s an easy hike.” Was what I told them.

And that’s how I ended up puking up my breakfast on the side of the trail.  Read More→


Back in August, I had the chance to pay a visit to HATTI, the restaurant that Kitayama filmed his interview(?) in after coming back from his J’s Journey to India, thanks to some fandom friends. Our dinner ended up turning into one of those, “remember when we…” moments.

I happened to still be in Japan on the day of Kisumai’s debut anniversary so I got to join in on a dinner and drinks celebration with newly made fandom friends. Read More→

Just a little bit more

Have a presentation and the last paper of the semester both due on Tuesday so tried to get some work done at my preferred coffee shop for studying. 

I’m always leaving things so last minute! And now I’m panicking…

Back to reality

I’m back from Japan and I wish it weren’t so.

I should’ve written this entry sooner so that the feelings would still be fresh, but then I’d probably start missing everyone and everything and start tearing up again.

I’ve told numerous people this, but my trip to Japan this time was both the worst and the best.
I wasn’t expecting to make friends. I wasn’t expecting to get attached. I wasn’t prepared for all the feels. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. Read More→

Feels like summer’s just starting but it’ll be over for me in a flash

School’s been out since May and I’ve just been working, going to the gym (started kickboxing too) and chilling.
In the blink of an eye, my summer vacation is already more than halfway over D:

I’m flying out on Sunday and when I come back from my trip, I’ll have one week to prepare my heart to go start nursing again…
It’s going to be so tough as I’ll be in HK and Japan for just under a month in total. That combined with the Kisumai concerts. I’m going to die

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Oedo Onsen Monogatari

This was my second time going to Oedo Onsen Monogatari but the first time I actually got to go inside!!
Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to spend there but if you had the time, you could easily spend a half a day relaxing there. I can imagine families with kids being able to spend an entire day there too!


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My custom nikes arrived!!

I’d been wanting them since I first saw the boys wearing them in the Kis-My-World concert. There’s also the black + member color ones which hopefully I’d like to get at a later time. 

I’m just so in love with them!!! And they are pleasantly comfier than I had expected. I’ve only worn it out for a few times so may still have to wait till I walk around in the for the entire day and see how my feet feel then ^^

February Updates

Can’t believe it’s week 6 of level 2 already! 3 more weeks and my mental health rotation will be finished!!
I don’t feel particularly negative or positive towards mental health but I can’t say I’ll miss it. Probably.
For now, I’m looking forward to OB and Peds. I’ll only get 4 weeks for each of them so I can see it just flash by. And before I know it, it’ll be summer!!!

Mentioned to work that I’d like to take some time off in the summer to travel. Now just waiting on Kisumai’s concert dates before I can finalize everything. I’m antsy to know so I can start planning. Book them tickets. Find a place to stay. Plan out where to go. Etc. Read More→

Another new hobby?

So I acquire interests/hobbies like crazy.

I placed an order online yesterday for a Hobonichi techo as I wanted to have something to help me keep track of all my due dates and stuff. I have everything on my phone calendar all set up, but I want something where I can see everything at a glance? I have a little notebook that I  use mainly for clinical but I take everywhere with me to jot things down in on the go so I don’t forget.

Creative people are doing all sorts of cool things with these agendas! So it’s no longer used just as a planner, but like a scrapbooking diary of sorts. It looks so cool!
I’m not very creative or artsy, but I’d like to try. Read More→