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TaoBaoSpree Review

I’ve joined taobao group orders before for bjd things, but this was my first time placing an order by myself. I read some good reviews about TaoBaoSpree (TBS), so I decided to go with them after going through and reading everything on their site.

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Kawaii Goods & Storenvy Review

This marks my second time purchasing from Kawaii Goods. The first time I bought from them was directly through their website :3

I saw a post on their facebook page (I think) that they were doing a Black Friday sale on their storenvy site so I decided to take a look. After a short browsing, I decided on the Fuzzy Deco Bear Hat (storenvy/ and the Fuzzy Shooting Star 2-way clip (storenvy/ Both of which I had eyed from some time and couldn’t pass out the Black Friday sale which gave me a 20% off!

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2013 Lolita Halloween Meet

lolita 2013 halloween meet

I attended one of my first big lolita meets a few weeks ago and wore my Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat JSK.
The first half of the meet was a potluck at one of the local lolita’s home and the latter half being at the Burnaby Village Museum’s Haunted Village.

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Lots of events and activities happened in the month and a half between this and my last entry! I wish I could say I took lots of pictures to share, but I have been extremely lazy on the photography front. Which I always regret afterwards when I see all the lovely photos that everyone else posts. D:

I guess I’ll post some photos that my friends took of me here as well as the few that I took…? XD


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