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Marulilu Cafe

I’ve been to Marulilu plenty of times and I keep going back. I’ve just visited them three times in a month so I reckon I should sit down and write about them properly. Marulilu Cafe is a Japanese-run establishment that serves breakfast all day. So unfortunately they aren’t open for dinner service (closes at 6pm).

The place is tiny and operates kind of like a food court style. You’ll be seated with the menus and then when you are ready, you go up to the counter to order and pay first. When the food is ready, they will bring it to your table. During weekends, the place fills up quickly but they don’t take reservations. The prices are also very reasonable and portions are decent.

Marulilu Cafe
They have the traditional western-style breakfast plates as well as eggs benny. I’m not a huge fan of eggs benedict so out of the numerous times I’ve been there, I never tried it. But I always see other customers order it and it looks delicious. Read More→

Brunch at Basho Cafe

Basho Cafe

After hearing much hype about the new Japanese family-run-type Basho Cafe, I was raring to go try. Excitedly, I grabbed my camera and Sir Durr along and we putted all the way down to the east side to check it out. When you go inside, you are greeted with the the chalkboard menu on the wall and then you will order and pay at the counter first before sitting down. I took out my DSLR to snap pictures of the cute decor only to found out that I had forgotten to put my memory card back in after loading all the photos into my computer! D: So that’s why despite having visited Basho Cafe back in August, I’m only posting about it now. I was waiting for when I would go revisit with a proper camera to talk about them but realize now that that might be a while. ^^;

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