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Cafe Joie – Waffles & Macarons

I passed by Cafe Joie quite a few times and saw people posting these adorable pictures on facebook. I was so excited to try them out finally!

I went on a Thursday afternoon and the cafe was busy but we were able to find a table quickly. I really liked the atmosphere inside. It was really relaxing and the decor was cute. I ordered a matcha latte, fresh strawberry waffle and macaron.

After seeing all those photos with the cute latte art I was slightly disappointed with mine. Taste wise I found it slightly too milky. It was alright, but nothing special.

The batter of the waffles I found to be more pancake-like instead of waffles. I like my waffles crunchy with a chewy center, but Cafe Joie’s waffles had a cake-like consistency which I didn’t particularly care for.

I was originally really excited to try their macarons since they also had these really cute bear-shaped ones I was contemplating to buy to take home but I was very disappointed. The macaron shells were fine but the buttercream filling was really lacking. It tasted like I was eating an entire stick of butter. I could only taste the butter and sugar. Needless to say, will not get macarons from Cafe Joie ever again.

If I were ever in the area and needed a nice place for a drink to chat with friends, I would come to Cafe Joie again. But I don’t think  I will go out of my way to come here for their drinks or sweets.

Brunch at Basho Cafe

Basho Cafe

After hearing much hype about the new Japanese family-run-type Basho Cafe, I was raring to go try. Excitedly, I grabbed my camera and Sir Durr along and we putted all the way down to the east side to check it out. When you go inside, you are greeted with the the chalkboard menu on the wall and then you will order and pay at the counter first before sitting down. I took out my DSLR to snap pictures of the cute decor only to found out that I had forgotten to put my memory card back in after loading all the photos into my computer! D: So that’s why despite having visited Basho Cafe back in August, I’m only posting about it now. I was waiting for when I would go revisit with a proper camera to talk about them but realize now that that might be a while. ^^;

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Coffee and Donuts at 49th Parallel

I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I started seeing pictures pop up left and right on my news feed from friends going. I finally found the perfect excuse to go when thinking of place to sit down and have a coffee to catch up with a friend.

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