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The quiet before the storm

Second round of midterms are finished!!! Yay!
I am in much need of a break from studying. So far, every Sunday you’ll find me at a coffee shop for the entire day. Just studying. You’ll also find me at a coffee shop on Saturdays after I get off work. Studying.

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It’s fall season!!!

Midterms haven’t been letting up. We had our first round of midterms that started mid-September with one a week, one week without midterms last week, and then second round of midterms started again with one a week until second week of November. Think you finally get a break? Nope, finals are in three weeks! Don’t forget any assignments and presentations that are due in the interim!

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Halfway mark!

These stickers stuck on random lockers throughout campus… I might need to start putting them to use.

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More than half-way through level 2!!!
The past 9 weeks have literally been one of the hardest 9 weeks in my life.
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Just keep swimmin’

A month into level 2 and I’ve hit my first real resistance.
Level 1 was challenging and required a lot of trial and error to figure things out, but level 2 is really hitting me hard.

I wondered if it was because I was still stuck in holiday mode and wasn’t back in the groove of things yet. I’m really excited about all the new skills we’ll get to practice in clinical this level. And the course load so far isn’t too bad. Similar to how it was in level 1 with less papers to write.

I didn’t even realize how stressed out I was until a week or two ago. I wasn’t even this stressed out in level 1 and everything was new to me back then. For a split second, I was asking myself if nursing was worth all this stress. The reason why I’ve been so stressed out is because of this one instructor that I have this semester. I realize this, so I’ve just been telling myself. 12 more weeks. I just need to get through these 12 weeks with this instructor and everything will be fine. It will be so worth it. I know I’ll love being a nurse. When interacting with patients in clinical. The days when I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off are the days when I feel like I’ve made a difference in someone else’s life. And then, no matter how tired I feel at the end of the day, it’s worth it and I feel wonderful.

I’m trying to be positive. Keep myself organized and try to front load as much as I can. I feel thrown off.

Week 5 just started.
I just need to get through the next 12 weeks.
I can do this.

Up and at ’em! Level 2 Week One

After an exciting and fulfilled summer, it has now unfortunately ended. Last week was the first week of Level 2. I’m a mixture of excitement and nervousness. While I’m excited to learn all these new skills they keep telling us about, I’m also worried about if I’ll be able to do it and grasp these new concepts.

I am totally still in holiday mood though. While I know that I need to front load and do as much of the prep/reading that I can do NOW, I am still in denial. Still making weekend plans with friends. Wasting hours in front of the computer doing non-school work related stuff….

On another note, found a new job over the summer. AT LAST! I have escaped the retail world and hello, office job. Woot! I’ve been at my new job less than 2 months? It’s amazing so far. Love the job, love the people I get to work with. 😀 It’s much more relatable to my studies compared to a sales job, so I feel like I’m actually learning useful things at my job. I’ll still be working part-time during the school season. So I really need work out my time management skills now before school hits me like a ton of bricks. This is another reason why I’m worried about this level since everyone’s been telling me how much work level 2 is and how much I will learn.

My clinical placement this semester is in the hospital close to where I live. So even though we have 6:30 AM starts, I shouldn’t be one to complain since I live so close. XP

Let’s try to update this more frequently this semester. I think it’ll be a good way to reflect on and de-stress. Hopefully. Haha!