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Scrubs & Textbook and Endless paperwork

My last update was a while ago and its now just a little over 2 week until school starts!
I’ve got all my paper work done as well as bought everything that I need I think. I still need to get my WHIMIS done online and finish my pre-reading that I’ve barely started. It’s always around this time of year that things start getting super hectic. Once Halloween is past, things start picking up real fast.

Back in October, I made a trip across the border to the outlet store (Uniform Destination) to get my scrubs. It’s much cheaper and they’ve also got a great selection. Read More→

Scrubs? Stethoscope? What else do I need??

It’s Thanksgiving long weekend here and I had a day off today so my family and I all went out for brunch together. The plan was to go and take a look at scrubs afterwards as the restaurant we went to was in the same area as Uniform Central. It was nice as it’s been a while since my day offs coincided with my brother’s so that we could have a family lunch.

Marulilu Cafe

We went to Marulilu for a late brunch and I got the Japanese style breakfast with tofu along with a hot milky caramel latte. Mmmhmm! We went over to check out scrubs and see what their selection of stethoscopes were like at Uniform Central. I’m really liking the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs as the fabric feels so soft and stretchy but I read somewhere that as comfy as it is, they found the two pockets not enough to hold everything they needed during clinicals. Read More→

I’m going to be a nurse!


I got accepted into BCIT nursing!!!
The header photo is the one that Sir Durr sent me right after I told him the news. Pretty much summed up my feelings at the time.

I was at work sending a text to my boss (who was off) about something work related when a new e-mail from BCIT popped up in notifications. This was my third time applying to the program and having been placed on the waitlist both times, I had a pretty good idea how the process works. E-mail said to check my application status and I figured it was the shortlist e-mails going out as the application deadline was just a week ago. Despite knowing that, my heart was still pounding as I tried twice before I was able to log onto my account successfully. When the page loaded on my phone, the words “Accept – Conditional” greeted me. I was in shock. I was not just shortlisted, but I was accepted before the usual standard shortlist questionnaire!

I’m usually very calm and level-headed. But when the news finally hit me, tears just started rolling. It was that feeling of relief and finally seeing all the hard work and effort that I put in finally rend some results. I called my mom immediately and she was almost yelling into the phone as she was so excited for me!

Besides myself, I know of two other applicants who also received their acceptance offers without having to do the short list questionnaire. All of us had applied during the previous intake and had been waitlisted, hence I think that’s why we didn’t need to re-do the questionnaire as I assume it is most likely the same format and questions.

Today was my day off, so I spent it going around town to find my immunization records for BCIT. I’ve also already signed up for a CPR-HCP courses in November. I can’t stress how excited I am. It feels like I have so much to do and prepare for before school starts in January!

Not yet time for that new chapter

I got waitlisted for my nursing program.
This means that if a spot doesn’t open up for me for this intake (August), then I will have to re-apply and re-compete.

While it is a bummer that I wasn’t accepted, it might end up working better for me timing-wise. I’m planning on re-applying for next year’s August intake and assuming I will be accepted this time around, I would have enough time to finish my undergrad as well as improve my application.

I know that nursing is where I want to go so it’s just a matter of time. 🙂

This post won’t be about the baker’s event I went to, instead it’ll just be another food photo filled post again. XP

Here, have some coffee~

Cafe MedinaMatcha Latte Read More→

In preparation for a (possible) new chapter?!

I am a couch potato.
I’m always sitting in front of the computer desk and I much prefer indoor activity over the outdoors.
Most of the time. XD

I realize that the dieting thing doesn’t work when combined with my love for food AND my lack of exercise.
Since I can’t go cold turkey with my beloved sweets and deep fried goodies, I decided to take up bikram yoga!

My lovely Duc Duc
Here’s my Pekingese, Duc Duc. :3

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