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Minami Yaletown

I’ve been to Minami (and Miku) a fair few times, both with a big party and with smaller numbers, and now I’m finally sitting down to talk about them.
Minami’s specialty is their aburi sushi and let me tell you, it gives you a mouth orgasm. The umami and the aftertaste is pure joy.

So I’ll just talk about this one particular visit as its the only one where I brought an actual camera. The atmosphere inside during the evening is all dimmed lights and candles so I apologize for the grainy/blurriness of the shots.


As an appetizer we started off with the Aburi Beef Carpaccio. It’s nice and light and I love breaking the yolk in the middle and having it together with the greens on the side. Read More→

Fable Kitchen

Now I’ve been to Fable Kitchen twice so I think it’s safe to say that they consistently nail everything.
I love their “farm-to-table” concept and sourcing from locals. After hearing wonderful reviews, I couldn’t wait to go try them out so I’ll just briefly talk about my two experiences with them here!

Fable Restaurant

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Coffee and Donuts at 49th Parallel

I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I started seeing pictures pop up left and right on my news feed from friends going. I finally found the perfect excuse to go when thinking of place to sit down and have a coffee to catch up with a friend.

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Afternoon Tea at Adorabelle Tea Room

Adorabelle Tea Room

As one of the events for my birthday celebration, the bf took me to Adorabelle Tea Room. Isn’t the name so lovely and ADORABLE? 😀 Prior to going I was very excited as I read some wonderful reviews of the place and the place looked so cute from the pictures that people took.

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Afternoon Tea at Soirette

I’ve been wanting to try the high tea at Soirette for a long time. Ever since I heard great things about their macarons and that they only offered high tea on the weekends. I finally got the chance to go back in March.

Soirette is a tiny place downtown so it is recommended to make reservations for their weekend high teas. The interior is bright and the decor is cute.
We arrived there a little early but was quickly sat down at our table. The high tea is a set menu so unless you have any dietary restrictions, you’ll only get to pick the flavor of your macaron.


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Xi Shi Lounge

Back in February, Xi Shi Lounge in the Shangri-La did a Chinese New Year afternoon tea. As it is the year of the horse, guests who were born in the year of the horse would get a complimentary afternoon tea. As a horse, of course I had to go!

Xi Shi Lounge

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