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Katsu means to Win!

Going back to school, I’m now working less. Since I’m back to being a poor student, I’m trying to cut down eating out and spending less. I still want to blog about food so I thought, why not blog about some of the meals that I cook at home? I’m not very good at cooking so I’m not knowledgeable enough to post recipes and what not, but I certainly love cooking and taking pictures of it.

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Wash your hands & practice those ABCs!

And that signals the end of week 2. At the start of this week when I was carpooling to school with my friend (a fellow BCIT student but in a different program), I commented on how it’s only been a week since school started but it felt like I’ve been in school for a month already! I knew only one week had passed but it felt like we’ve learnt so much already and gotten to know so many fellow nursing students in our cohort quite well already. At the progress/speed we were going at, it felt like the equivalent of a month’s time in your usual undergrad program.


So this week was all about washing your hands and your first day of clinical. Once you’ve got that over with, next comes perfecting that full head to toe assessment, learning how to use that brand, spanking new stethoscope, and transferring patients. Peppered in between are communication skills, PBL, and chances to self-reflect/evaluations. Read More→

Level 1 Week 1

Managed to get through the first week of nursing school.
This week felt so long but also passed by in a blur. They posted our schedules online the Friday before school started with a separate one for week one. It was quite confusing at first as you had to go through a different class list for each course to find your name in order to figure out what time your class was being held. As an entire cohort, we only have one class together and all other labs/seminars/PBL courses we are split up into small groups of 8 or 24. The good thing about that is each level you will be with the same 32 people for the entire level and you will get to see another group of 32 people in the labs and seminars were two groups are combined. It’s like high school all over again. Read More→