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Tokyo July 2014 Trip – Day 4: One Piece Restaurant & Gundam

.:Day 4: Odaiba:.

This was the long awaited day where I would get to visit the One Piece Restaurant, Baratie, in the Fuji TV Station in Odaiba!!
This post will just be mostly a gratuitous food picture post… I didn’t really do much this day as I spent the first half of the day in Odaiba and then we went back to our apartment soon after and ending the day with conveyor belt sushi. My first time!!!
The line up wasn’t too bad but we got placed into the side room of the restaurant so we didn’t get to sit in the main hall (My bad as it didn’t click for me that that was what the hostess was asking me about.. orz).



At scheduled times, a staff cosplayed as Chef Zeff will come out with a spiel and then hang around a while for photos.


IMG_4335 IMG_4341 IMG_4345 IMG_4351The food was, of course, overpriced, but surprisingly good. I paid a little extra for mine and got it as a set since it came with a limited edition Sanji figure!



Look at Zoro just chillin’ up there~

After visiting Baratie and then the goods shop where I spent a lot of money…. it was off to see the 1:1 gundam~

IMG_4362 For dinner, I REALLY wanted to try kaiten sushi but it was late and we didn’t want to have to travel too far. After some help from google we arrived at Kappa Sushi! We were so stuffed and the bill turned out to be so cheap! (we would later on find ourselves at Kappa Sushi one last time before we left Japan XP)