The quiet before the storm

Second round of midterms are finished!!! Yay!
I am in much need of a break from studying. So far, every Sunday you’ll find me at a coffee shop for the entire day. Just studying. You’ll also find me at a coffee shop on Saturdays after I get off work. Studying.

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It’s fall season!!!

Midterms haven’t been letting up. We had our first round of midterms that started mid-September with one a week, one week without midterms last week, and then second round of midterms started again with one a week until second week of November. Think you finally get a break? Nope, finals are in three weeks! Don’t forget any assignments and presentations that are due in the interim!

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Halfway mark!

These stickers stuck on random lockers throughout campus… I might need to start putting them to use.

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More than half-way through level 2!!!
The past 9 weeks have literally been one of the hardest 9 weeks in my life.
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Just keep swimmin’

A month into level 2 and I’ve hit my first real resistance.
Level 1 was challenging and required a lot of trial and error to figure things out, but level 2 is really hitting me hard.

I wondered if it was because I was still stuck in holiday mode and wasn’t back in the groove of things yet. I’m really excited about all the new skills we’ll get to practice in clinical this level. And the course load so far isn’t too bad. Similar to how it was in level 1 with less papers to write.

I didn’t even realize how stressed out I was until a week or two ago. I wasn’t even this stressed out in level 1 and everything was new to me back then. For a split second, I was asking myself if nursing was worth all this stress. The reason why I’ve been so stressed out is because of this one instructor that I have this semester. I realize this, so I’ve just been telling myself. 12 more weeks. I just need to get through these 12 weeks with this instructor and everything will be fine. It will be so worth it. I know I’ll love being a nurse. When interacting with patients in clinical. The days when I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off are the days when I feel like I’ve made a difference in someone else’s life. And then, no matter how tired I feel at the end of the day, it’s worth it and I feel wonderful.

I’m trying to be positive. Keep myself organized and try to front load as much as I can. I feel thrown off.

Week 5 just started.
I just need to get through the next 12 weeks.
I can do this.

Up and at ’em! Level 2 Week One

After an exciting and fulfilled summer, it has now unfortunately ended. Last week was the first week of Level 2. I’m a mixture of excitement and nervousness. While I’m excited to learn all these new skills they keep telling us about, I’m also worried about if I’ll be able to do it and grasp these new concepts.

I am totally still in holiday mood though. While I know that I need to front load and do as much of the prep/reading that I can do NOW, I am still in denial. Still making weekend plans with friends. Wasting hours in front of the computer doing non-school work related stuff….

On another note, found a new job over the summer. AT LAST! I have escaped the retail world and hello, office job. Woot! I’ve been at my new job less than 2 months? It’s amazing so far. Love the job, love the people I get to work with. 😀 It’s much more relatable to my studies compared to a sales job, so I feel like I’m actually learning useful things at my job. I’ll still be working part-time during the school season. So I really need work out my time management skills now before school hits me like a ton of bricks. This is another reason why I’m worried about this level since everyone’s been telling me how much work level 2 is and how much I will learn.

My clinical placement this semester is in the hospital close to where I live. So even though we have 6:30 AM starts, I shouldn’t be one to complain since I live so close. XP

Let’s try to update this more frequently this semester. I think it’ll be a good way to reflect on and de-stress. Hopefully. Haha!

Cafe Joie – Waffles & Macarons

I passed by Cafe Joie quite a few times and saw people posting these adorable pictures on facebook. I was so excited to try them out finally!

I went on a Thursday afternoon and the cafe was busy but we were able to find a table quickly. I really liked the atmosphere inside. It was really relaxing and the decor was cute. I ordered a matcha latte, fresh strawberry waffle and macaron.

After seeing all those photos with the cute latte art I was slightly disappointed with mine. Taste wise I found it slightly too milky. It was alright, but nothing special.

The batter of the waffles I found to be more pancake-like instead of waffles. I like my waffles crunchy with a chewy center, but Cafe Joie’s waffles had a cake-like consistency which I didn’t particularly care for.

I was originally really excited to try their macarons since they also had these really cute bear-shaped ones I was contemplating to buy to take home but I was very disappointed. The macaron shells were fine but the buttercream filling was really lacking. It tasted like I was eating an entire stick of butter. I could only taste the butter and sugar. Needless to say, will not get macarons from Cafe Joie ever again.

If I were ever in the area and needed a nice place for a drink to chat with friends, I would come to Cafe Joie again. But I don’t think  I will go out of my way to come here for their drinks or sweets.

Tokyo July 2014 Trip – Day 5 & 7: Akihabara & Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

.:Day 5: Akihabara:.

Luckily (or perhaps not so luckily) the day we went to Akiba was the opening day of the new Radio Kaikan so there were huge crowds! Volks was there as well so I definitely spent a lot of money here. We ended up spending quite a bit of time there checking out each different floor.

 After all the shopping, it was time to find a place to sit down and rest a bit. It was my first time getting to go to a maid cafe in Akiba! A dream come true?? XD Walked around and decided to go into one of the many @Home maid cafe. No pictures were allowed inside but we were allowed to take pictures of the food only.

Together with the combo we got to go up to take a polaroid picture with the maid of our choosing. I saw in the japanese menu that you could either choose to play a game with the maid OR get a photo. I feel like because we were foreigners, they didn’t give us the option of the game and straight up just asked us who we wanted to take a photo with. :/

Of course the food prices were a bit overpriced, but it tasted surprisingly better than I had hoped for. The customers were mostly men with a few girls accompanying a guy and a small group of foreigners. From what I could hear in the bits and pieces of conversations other patrons were having with their maids, most were regulars as there is a points card system (they gave us one too!).

After we got most of our shopping done, it suddenly started pouring. It rained so heavily that even with an umbrella, you’d get soaked. Our next spot to hit while we were in the area was the Gundam Cafe. We got a few snacks and drinks there so by the time we left, the rain wasn’t quite so heavy anymore.


And to end the day in Akiba, we grabbed dinner near the station where I got to drink beer out of a boot!

.:Day 7: Yokohama:.

My main goal going to Yokohama was to go to Sea Paradise. I’ve always wanted to go see the tank where they filmed the date scene in the drama, Nobuta wo Produce! And because I also love aquariums and Sea Paradise is one of the biggest aquariums in Japan. We spent an entire day there even though I wanted to get to walk around Chinatown in the late afternoon but there was just so much so see! I took a lot of short videos which I’m just going to throw up here. It was here that I got SEVEN mosquito bites!!! >///<


The famous huge two story fish tank that’s often appeared in TV.




Here you get to buy capsule of fish food to feed them with~ It’s a a lot of fun ^^



By the time we left Sea Paradise and made it back to Yokohama it was already late evening. Most places were closed except for the restaurants so we just walked around Chinatown to grab a bite to eat.

Tokyo July 2014 Trip – Day 4: One Piece Restaurant & Gundam

.:Day 4: Odaiba:.

This was the long awaited day where I would get to visit the One Piece Restaurant, Baratie, in the Fuji TV Station in Odaiba!!
This post will just be mostly a gratuitous food picture post… I didn’t really do much this day as I spent the first half of the day in Odaiba and then we went back to our apartment soon after and ending the day with conveyor belt sushi. My first time!!!
The line up wasn’t too bad but we got placed into the side room of the restaurant so we didn’t get to sit in the main hall (My bad as it didn’t click for me that that was what the hostess was asking me about.. orz).



At scheduled times, a staff cosplayed as Chef Zeff will come out with a spiel and then hang around a while for photos.


IMG_4335 IMG_4341 IMG_4345 IMG_4351The food was, of course, overpriced, but surprisingly good. I paid a little extra for mine and got it as a set since it came with a limited edition Sanji figure!



Look at Zoro just chillin’ up there~

After visiting Baratie and then the goods shop where I spent a lot of money…. it was off to see the 1:1 gundam~

IMG_4362 For dinner, I REALLY wanted to try kaiten sushi but it was late and we didn’t want to have to travel too far. After some help from google we arrived at Kappa Sushi! We were so stuffed and the bill turned out to be so cheap! (we would later on find ourselves at Kappa Sushi one last time before we left Japan XP)

Soft Peaks – Organic Milk Soft Serve!

Late entry for a visit to Soft Peaks during their first week of opening.
Soft Peaks is a soft serve ice cream parlour made with organic milk with a twist on the traditional toppings. When I went it hadn’t even been open for a week so the line up was out the door but the line up moved steadily.

The ice cream is quite different from your regular soft serve. It was definitely less sweet; it was smooth, thick and creamy with a rich, milky taste.

Went with  a few friends so we each got different toppings and just stood in a circle outside afterwards, alternating the ice creams so everyone could try all the flavours. My favorites would be the Sunrise in California, Mud Slide, and Honeycomb Peak.

Sunrise in California, Green Forest, Honeycomb Peak, Mudslide, Salty Himalayan

Soft Peaks is located in Gastown which is a bit out of the way for me with difficult parking. But if I were ever in the area, I would definitely drop by to get my soft serve fix.


Service: N/A
Food: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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One more month to go!

It’s been a while since my last entry about school…
There’s less than a month left until summer vacation! Man, do I need a break!
Tickets and accommodations have been booked for my trip in May. I’ll be going to Hawaii!! I’ve never been so I am super stoked. I have a month to get in shape so I’ve been trying to eat healthier and change my eating habits. Perhaps more on that in a later entry… XD;

Going into the program, everyone tells you that the first 6/7 weeks are the toughest and most intense. To me, I felt it wasn’t so much that it was intense, but needing to get used to the different learning environment and the schedule. I cannot stress how important being organized and on top of things is (especially when there’s all these assignments and presentations you need to do and are due on different dates). Its still something that I need to work on. And front loading! When you have time, try to get ahead. Instructors will tell you during the beginning of the semester to read through the syllabus and information regarding the assignments and midterms and to not leave it till the last minute. But do you listen? Most likely not because neither did I. Haha! But read them! At least skim through them. Because a lot of the assignments require you to reflect back on things that you have done in past clinical experiences. If you have an idea of what you need to look for early on, you will know what to look for and be more likely to pay attention to things that you otherwise might have overlooked or forgotten. So when the time comes by to write that paper, you will have more experiences to go by.

I have a patho midterm coming up on Monday that I am totally unprepared for so I will leave this entry here.
Time to cram!